foreverfubar asked:
I love your blog! and you're gorgeous :)

nawh thanks so much x

creepandconfused asked:
love your blog :D

yay thanks!

Anonymous asked:
hi, i just wanted to ask how did you design you blog like this? i mean in "myself" link, how did you put or carry those photos to there, or in "about" link ... can you please explain? :(

for the myself page I added a new page on customize theme and selected redirect layout and put the url as tagged/me so everything I post of a photo of myself ille tag it with ‘me’ and it’ll appear on that page! although the about me page is just a normal layout it’s the theme I have that makes it like that :)

exodus-girlfriend asked:
<3 Perfecttt Follow me back bae?

followed 💕

iloveerybodyindaworld asked:
Your eyes have seriously got to be some of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

awww thankyou